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Black Horse Team

Coding for
your business


Through our experience, we understand what your product needs, what you, as a client, need and how to meet it. If you want to talk with us, here are the contacts. If you want to explore further, read about our most recent project.

Frontend Development

  • ReactJS driven web applications
  • High-performance SPA
  • Easily expandable and supported apps

Server-side Development

BlackHorseTeam Server-side Development: NextJSBlackHorseTeam Server-side Development: MongoDB
  • SSR with Next.js
  • Scalable Node.js

Mobile Development

BlackHorseTeam Mobile Development: Ionic
  • React Native mobile applications
  • Cross-platform apps with Ionic

Quality Assurance

BlackHorseTeam Quality Assurance: Selenium


  • Building product development strategy according to your business plan
  • Analyzing business value of product functionality
  • Writing product functional specification

Most Recent Work

We suggest you to check the most recent product we’ve built live. Right after, you can take a look at our team.

Salon-shop “KafelMarket”

Salon-shop "Kafel Market" is one of the largest suppliers of ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware and sanitary ware in the Crimean market.

Objective of the project:

A) It is necessary with the help of modern technologies to write a website that will host a wide range of products: bathroom furniture, showers, hydroboxes, bathtubs, faucets and sanitary ceramics. Large selection, variety of colors and sizes. B) Integration with the internal system of accounting for goods in stock and in stock. C) Convenient administration system for quick updating of the product catalog on the site.


Everything was implemented exactly to the customer's specifications, which ensured the growth of new satisfied customers and increased company profits.

See it live
BlackHorseTeam: KafelMarket


Magicflix is the biggest educational portal for magicians. Wide variety of different magic tutorials and performance videos are available for people from all over the world.

Tech stack: ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS, AWS

The Problem:

The previous team of developers built an MVP in Angular. Unfortunately, the product wasn’t scalable and wasn’t prepared to go live at all.

The Solution:

Our team took the project in 2019 to completely rebuild the application in React. It highly improved platform scalability and performance which allowed to proceed working on product and develop the business. In the Summer of 2019 Magicflix went live to the world. The company is now growing its Subscriber Base each month as well as promoting their new Brand.

See it live
BlackHorseTeam: Magic Flix application

Hotel complex "Crimea"

The hotel complex "Crimea" has been successfully operating in the field of tourist services for 37 years, located in the cultural and administrative center of the city of Sevastopol on the Square of the Rebels.

Objective of the project:

The client requested to create a website with a user-friendly interface and beautiful design, as a business card of a hotel complex that keeps up with the times. It was necessary to indicate all the services and benefits of using this complex for the end client.


Our designers were able to draw a modern and attractive design that can attract a client to stay in this hotel complex. Thanks to our developers, the site is developed on new technologies and has a built-in SEO-optimization, which allows you to keep one of the top lines in the search and attract new visitors!

See it live
BlackHorseTeam: Hotel Krym

Adult web application

The platform is created for influencers from adult industry who want to share their media content (pictures, videos, broadcasts) and monetize it (donations, charged requests and purchases of video and pictures).

Tech stack: ReactJS, Redux, Flow, NodeJS, AntDesign, AWS

The Problem:

The owner of the idea came to us in September, 2019 with a need to build the scalable MVP for the platform within the shortest time.

The Solution:

Once we got the request, we defined the tech stack (React, NodeJS, AWS) and promptly started the development. We already had several closed demos for the owner and investors and actively preparing for the Alpha release in January, 2020.

See it live
BlackHorseTeam: Adult streaming platform


Mediamorph is our child being grown by in-house skills. Born with simple idea of reducing video conversion cost on our projects, it’s soon going to be a self-sufficient web application that is going to conquer the world.

Tech stack: ReactJS, Redux, Flow, AntDesign, NodeJS, AWS

The Problem:

This autumn we started implementing adaptive streaming for MagicFlix and Adult Streaming platform. That implied TBs of videos to be converted to different sizes and formats. As it turned out the prices for converting all the data we had was incredibly high.

The Solution:

Once we calculated all the costs for video conversion we got an idea that it’d be much cheaper to build our own service for video conversion. With no hesitation we started the development. The current stage is active preparation for the Alpha release.

See it live
BlackHorseTeam: MediaMorph

Hotel «PALACE»☆☆☆ in Yalta

"PALACE" is an island of comfort and silence in the very center of Yalta...

Objective of the project:

When our friends approached us with a request to build a website for their ready-made design that would meet all the requirements and be several lines higher than the competitors, we could not refuse them. One of the main wishes was the ability to book rooms directly on the site and the ability to integrate with the CRM system.


Despite the ready-made design, our team implemented the project in a short time. We took into account the possibility of booking rooms on the site, integration with any CRM systems (amoCrm / Bitrix24) and hotel management systems. Thanks to the cool design and our team, the site looks very attractive, like in the browser version, and in the mobile version!

See it live
BlackHorseTeam: Hotel Palace

Why us?

Black Horse is a group of highly tech-skilled friends connected by a simple idea of forming a team specialized in business-oriented development. We’re experienced, determined and ready to work towards your revenue.


  • Strong product development strategy
  • Deep understanding of what product needs to increase the revenue
  • Full dedication to improve product and services we provide

Customer Service

  • Good English
  • Flexible work hours
  • Friendly pro-active team

Our team

Meet the people you’ll be working with. Ready to start? Just write us a couple of lines to get things rolling.

BlackHorseTeam: Nikolay Podstrigan


Full Stack Developer

BlackHorseTeam: Andrey Butov


Backend Developer

BlackHorseTeam: Sasha Pisarev


Frontend Developer

BlackHorseTeam: Vlad Kornilov


Automation QA Engineer

BlackHorseTeam: Natasha Poda


QA Engineer


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