Black Horse Team:
2019 Achievements

It was rather hard to analyze all work done in 2019, but the data received is a key for us to improve the team. We share the year results hoping that you’ll find something useful for yourself too.
So make yourself comfortable and dive in 2019 retrospective with the Black Horse!

First of all, a few words from our CEO:

Past year we defined pretty ambitious tasks:

  • Expand the team
    We hired several front end engineers, along with several sales and marketing specialists.
  • Expand the market
    We’re not limited with the U.S. market anymore, collaborating with clients from all over the world.
  • Do the sales
    We finally set up a sales department.
  • Stay being a family
    This year, our team grew twice. The core of the team know each other for years. I wanted to keep that atmosphere of mutual trust when the team expanded. With great efforts of all team members, we finally learnt to delegate. The newbies managed to take the load over and became self-sufficient. Together we managed to level up the current products. They proved that they’re worth joining the family.
BlackHorseTeam: Nikolay Podstrigan

Nick Podstrigan,
Black Horse Team CEO

Project achievements

Let’s now speak up about the project achievements more closely.


Magicflix is the largest streaming platform for magicians. Wide variety of different magic tutorials and performance videos are available for people from all over the world.

Tech stack: ReactJS, Redux, Flow, PHP, AWS

What's the goal

  • The platform release

What’s achieved

  • Payment and subscription systems performance and layout improvements
  • Complex reporting system for views and finances development
  • Platform design updates
  • Mailing system updates
  • Admin panel development
  • Successful release of the platform in July, 2019

What’s next

  • Adaptive streaming release
  • Mobile apps release
See it live
BlackHorseTeam: Magic Flix application
BlackHorseTeam: Sasha Pisarev

Lex Pisarev,
Frontend Developer

The biggest challenge I’ve recently faced was fixing various bugs in gathering video analytics data. Though it may seem a usual task, it requires a lot of different cases to be worked through. I guess I achieved new level of self-testing skills there.

Adult web application

The platform is created for influencers from adult industry who want to share their media content (pictures, videos, broadcasts) and monetize it (donations, charged requests and purchases of video and pictures).

Tech stack: ReactJS, Redux, Flow, NodeJS, AntDesign, AWS

What's the goal

  • MVP Release for investors

What’s achieved

  • MVP Release in December, 2019

What’s next

  • Adaptive streaming release
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BlackHorseTeam: Adult streaming platform


Mediamorph is our child being grown by in-house skills. Born with simple idea of reducing video conversion cost on our projects, it’s soon going to be a self-sufficient web application that is going to conquer the world.

Tech stack: ReactJS, Redux, Flow, AntDesign, NodeJS, AWS

What's the goal

  • Use MediaMorph for MagicFlix and Adult Streaming Platform for reducing the costs on TBs of video data conversion.

What’s achieved

  • Conversion instances are ready
  • First videos were prepared for progressive and adaptive streaming

What’s next

  • Fully utilize the service for MagicFlix and Adult streaming platform
  • Release it as a video conversion service for other customers
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BlackHorseTeam: MediaMorph
BlackHorseTeam: Andrey Butov

Andrew Butov,
Full Stack Developer

There are many services for converting video data into streaming video of various formats. We decided to develop our own service because we needed it for several major ongoing projects. This is the exact case of "don’t like something - do it yourself". We wanted our application to be more user friendly, so that it is simpler and cozier for the user.

Conturo prototyping

Conturo prototyping is a website for ordering precise prototypes for different types of products. They offer CNC Milling and Turning for low volume prototypes with tight tolerances and complex features that require 5-axis machining, along with the support with 3D CAD modelling and design for manufacture (DFM) and Quality Assurance.

Tech stack: ReactJS, Redux, Saga, Flow

What's the goal

  • A ReactJS app that enable user to sign in / sign up, upload 3D model and make order and view order history.

What’s achieved

  • Quick prototype made
  • Sign Up / Sign In flows
  • Ordering prototypes by uploading 3D models
  • Viewing order history

What’s next

  • Currently we’re redesigning the app
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BlackHorseTeam: Conturo Prototyping


OceanHero is a search engine targeted to saving the oceans from pollution. For every five searches user does, they recover one plastic bottle by paying people in need to recover ocean-bound plastic.

Tech stack: ReactJS, Chrome extension

What's the goal

  • Ongoing support
  • Implementing new features

What’s achieved

  • Implementing visual themes
  • Redesigning images search section
  • Chrome extension redesign

What’s next

  • Implementing new features
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BlackHorseTeam: Ocean Hero application

We are pleased that each of these products has reached a new level with Black Horse Team. We are growing with you!

Best wishes,
Black Horse Team

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